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In Project Lab we provide trainings and consultations for all organizations and companies, focusing on their specific needs and problems.
The trainings are aimed at improving the potential of the participants and developing the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies.
presentation skils
For all who need to acquire the skills to create and present an impressive presentation to clients, colleagues, directors, media and other audiences. How to make effective and convincing presentations is a very important skill for the modern manager and a prerequisite for career advancement at all levels in the successful company.
With this training you will learn how to impress your audience, how to keep your attention and achieve the desired impact.
Main topics of the training:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Skills for preparation of the presentation materials
  • Personal style and habits
  • Action Plan
  • Presentation Structure
  • An impressive presentation when faced with a negative audience
  • Stage fright
  • 5 Ingredients of a Powerful Presentation
risk management
The course aims to ensure the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills for risk assessment and management in project management. Project risk management is one of the most significant and significant project management activities that has an impact on their overall realization.
The course is suitable for those who are involved in project management, as well as those who would like to work in the field of project management, business owners and managers.
Main topics of the training:

  • A common feature of project risk management
  • Project risk management and project management. Project risk management process
  • Basic techniques and their applicability in the project risk management process
  • Indicators for project risk assessment – selection and definition of a system of indicators for project risk assessment
projrct management
This training helps you develop the skills required for today’s high and varied requirements in modern project management. Successful project management today involves an increased need for quality, timely delivery, strict adherence to the budget, and required regulatory controls.
We help you understand and get practical experience of how to manage at each stage of the project’s life cycle to achieve these goals.
Main topics of the training:

  • Basic knowledge of project management
  • Project Management Model
  • Life cycle of the project
  • Project schedule management
  • Project cost management
  • Human resources management in the project
  • Project management communication
  • Crisis management
  • Audit format of the project